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Make Perfect Cake Pops - Cake PopsClick Image To Visit SiteIf you’ve been wanting to try the latest trend in the cake world – cake pops; but it all just seems too complicated, OR you were brave enough to try but got a lumpy, messy disaster – then Learn How To Make Cake Pops is exactly the class you need.

The truth is, cake pops may look easy to make – and they are, as long as you’ve got the right skills to do them. Most people give it a try and end up with chocolate that seizes, misshapen pops. or they just make such a mess they give up. However, if you know the right techniques and tips from the beginning, you can start making amazing cake pops right away! I wasted hundreds of dollars and hours on trying to get it right, and my frustration led me to creating this online class so that you don’t need to make the very expensive mistakes that I did.

Miranda Piotrovska – founder and owner of Sweet Sticks, Learn How To Make Cake Pops and Co-Owner of Capture Your Cake.

Miranda came into this world while pregnant with her son Jacob and while suffering insomnia in the early months of pregnancy. In the early morning she stumbled upon the ‘cake pop’ from an American blog and she knew at that moment that’s what she wanted to be making – cake pops!

She was fortunate to visit London and learn from some of the best cake pop artist they have. Mixing her two passions – desserts and creativity has been a dream come true for Miranda. Her motto ‘love what you do’ is her reason for Sweet Sticks.

Organization plays a big part in making the perfect cake pop. Without the proper equipment or ingredients (they aren’t hard to find, or expensive, no matter where you live), you’re fighting an uphill battle that you’re destined to lose. So in Video 1, we cover the basics — all equipment and ingredients you need to make the perfect cake pop.

It should be obvious, but the perfect cake pop starts with the perfect cake recipe. I’ll reveal the 5-ingredient recipe that blows all others away. It took me weeks of trial and error to get this part right. You’re learning it in one short, simple video that you can use each and every time to turn out perfect cake pops without fail.

An often-overlooked aspect of the cake pop process, the frosting either makes your cake pop “just okay” or truly puts it into another level. Again, a lot of trial and error was involved here, and you can learn from my mistakes. Don’t waste time experimenting. Try this one recipe and technique and you’re home free.

This is one of the steps that’s often-overlooked and it winds up making what would otherwise be a crowning achievement look like an amateurish mistake. Watch this video and you’ll understand the true techniques of the pros… Read more…

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