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Guitar Scales - Guitar Scale MasteryClick Image To Visit SiteHow Would Your Guitar Soloing Improve If You Discovered Exactly How To Play Guitar Scales Over The Entire Fretboard In A Fluid, Musical And Effortless Way?

Before we go any further, let me say that what you’re about to learn about is definitely NOT suitable for everyone. And because I don’t want to waste your time, could you please ask yourself three quick questions…

Still with me? Yes? Great! Please read the rest of this page carefully. It’s quite long, but it is important that you read every word. That way you’ll understand exactly what you stand to gain…

Think about your guitar playing friends for a moment. How many of them totally dominate scales? How many can solo musically, fluidly, all over the fretboard…and make it look as if they aren’t even trying? My guess would be…

Why is this? There are dozens and dozens of scale books out there. There are also MANY websites that have information on scales. Why are there so few guitar players who have actually mastered scales?

Very few scale learning methods focus on all five of the essential mastery skills that lead to complete scale mastery…

Most scale learning "methods" will give you a whole bunch of scale fingerings. Then they show you some licks. Maybe they even give you a few backing tracks. Then they leave you to it! This does not work for most people. It only works for the most talented guitar players out there. Most of us need some extra help!

Please take a couple of minutes to look at it. What do you think it means? Let’s take a closer look now…

If you are lacking in even one area…you don’t really know the scale fully. It has not yet been internalized. This means that improvising using the scale in a musical way is challenging, (if not impossible)!

Very few scale learning methods out there help you learn the five essential mastery skills in an organised and structured way! They make it way too hard and frustrating for you…

You get the idea. They are throwing "learning hurdles" in your way which slows down your progress. That really sucks!

IMPORTANT: It’s not my intention to "hard-sell" you here. Frankly, it’s not my style. I know that Guitar Scale Mastery will really help a lot of people. But I also know…it won’t be for everyone. Not everyone will want it or need it. 🙂 Instead, I’ll just give you some detail about what you’ll get when you join. That way you can decide whether or not it’s for you. Fair enough?

In this section of the website you’ll learn the EXACT system that I use to learn and internalize scales. Whenever I want to learn a new scale I follow this system. Once you learn the system you’ll be able to apply it to ANY scale that you want to master.

This system is comprised of five main parts. I call these parts "scale weapons". Why… Read more…

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