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Gluten Free Christmas Recipe Book -Click Image To Visit SiteThe supermarkets are crazy, and you don’t want to be cooking normal meals and gluten free options on top of what you have planned.

Save yourself hours pinning meals on pinterest and scouring cookbooks – we have your Christmas day sorted for you.

Santa is a Coeliac! Well it could be true… The big jolly belly, skinny arms, red face… How do we know all those cookies and milk are not upsetting Santas belly?! So what if Santa is a coeliac? Well then some changes must be made at once to make Christmas Gluten Free…

Christmas is Looming and it was not until last year after a Christmas Mission to Wanaka that I realised just how hard to was to prepare a festive gluten free Christmas Day. So often we get into the habit of eating the same food everyday and sometimes it is hard to break out of that cycle.

Another Problem – I run this website in my spare time – and currently the cost of hosting the website is costing me money so I have come up with a great fund raising idea: A Gluten Free Christmas Cook Book.

Over the last 2 Months my sister an I have put together some fantastic meals in our gluten free kitchen, and tested them on gluten eaters along with gluten free people with great results.

Recipes for mains and snacks so there is plenty there to fill the gap along with a number of great nibbles which look cute and taste fantastic.

Being gluten free is hard, so often we get into the ritual of eating the same thing week in and week out. A gluten free cookbook will inject some christmas inspiration and let you try some new meals and nibbles.

If you do not buy it for yourself, why not gift a copy to family or friends who are gluten free…  after all this is something they could use again and again and the recipe book is helping to raise money for this website.

All the ingredients and instructions are clearly marked, along with some diary free adaptations where possible (I am intolerant to dairy so eat small amounts). Where possible I tried to include things you could prep the day before so you can spend your christmas day enjoying time with family – not stressing out in the kitchen.

After surveying people who read my website I compiled a list of recipes and tried to include most of their requests. These include Christmas Classics including:  Truffles, Champagne Jellies, Mince Tarts, Frozen Christmas Cake, Ham Glaze, Passionfruit Pavlova… and so the list goes on… but I can not give away all of my secrets ?

A Big thank you, Lucy and Anna for the work you’ve put in to your Christmas Cook Book; it looks great!

Thank you Lucy for your inspiration in creating the Club and you are an encouragement to us fellow coeliacs.  Please know that you are very much appreciated.

I brought them all home to my… Read more…

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