Guy Goes Viral With Halloween Inspired Job Application

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Halloween is here and one creative thinker saw it as a unique way to apply for a job.

Employees at InAutomotive recently discovered that someone had left a tray of pumpkins on their door step with a CV thrown in for good measure.


The job board company were taken aback by the idea, but also very impressed with his dedication and creative thinking, and so they have offered him a job interview on the basis of this stunt alone. 

What really puts the crowning on the application is the fact that he’d carved ‘give me a job’ into the pumpkins

“Basically, the doorbell rang in the office and we went downstairs to see someone had hand delivered and left 4 pumpkins by the door with their CV placed amongst them, on further investigation we noticed that the pumpkins had been carved out to read “GIVE ME A JOB!”

Alex Wall, InAutomotive

Good on him, we hope he gets it.


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