Confused Woman Got Lost At The Giants-Pirates Game And Ended Up In The Dugout

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Being old just might be the wave after all.

I mean, you’ve been on this earth long enough to know better, but if you ever slip up and make a stupid mistake, it’s usually just laughed at and turned into a viral video.

One elderly woman wearing a Pirates jersey at the National League Wild Card game somehow wandered into the Giants dugout and was caught on camera looking just as confused as the security guard who found her.

According to reports from,

The person in the video was not lost. She was hired as a helper for postseason photographers working the wild-card game.

The woman was apparently serving as a courier during a break and could not clear the field before play resumed. The spokesperson for the Pirates, Brian Warecki, did not know her name or what organization for whom she held a credential.

But, if you thought that was bad, you should see the footage of her trying to get to her car after the game. God bless this woman’s soul.

H/T: Bleacher Report, Photo Courtesy: ESPN Broadcast 

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