Boy Has To Walk 40 Minutes To School Because He Lives 6 Feet Too Close To Take The Bus

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Jon Lawson, 11, lives 6 feet too close to school and because of this, he’s not allowed to ride the bus.

Through no fault of his own, Lawson lives 1.999 miles from the Seaham School of Technology in England.

Unfortunately, the county requires that students live at least 2 miles from school before they’re provided with bus service. The young Seaham, England, resident walks 40 minutes to class every day because of .001 mile.

To make the situation even worse, Lawson’s 14-year-old brother can still take the bus. His service was grandfathered from the system’s old policies.

Jane Jack, Seaham’s transport manager, says the policy is fair because the new rules take into account updated walking paths. She’s making no moves to create an exception for Lawson.

The boy’s father, Jack Lawson, is livid.

He said,

Jon is only 11 and I don’t want him walking the streets on his own, especially now the dark nights are coming in… It is a bit of a farce really. I think it is absolutely ridiculous.

Transport manager Jack says that, although the situation seems odd because of the two brothers, there’s nothing more that can be done.


H/T: NY Daily News, Photos Courtesy: SWNS

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