Here Are 26 Crazy And Ridiculous Inventions From The Past. But #6… I Would Buy That Thing Today.

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Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla are famous inventors, whose ideas changed the world. They, and others, transformed society and technology into what we are accustomed to today. However, there have been inventors throughout history whose creations never saw the light of day or became mainstream. Some of their inventions were actually pretty genius, even if they didn’t make it big. These 26 inventions, found by this Reddit user, are pretty amazing, even if I’ve never heard of most of these before.

1.) A one-wheeled motorcycle

2.) Manual dredger

3.) Flotation devices made from bike tires

4.) A steam-powered automobile from 1845

5.) An amphibious bicycle, used on land and in water

6.) An all-terrain vehicle

7.) A baby stroller equipped with a radio to keep a baby occupied

8.) Wooden bathing suits (to aid swimming)

9.) An ice sailboat to be used during a hypothetical “little ice age”

10.) This hat that is also a radio

11.) A windmill designed to drain marshy wetlands

12.) One of the first bulletproof glass prototypes in 1931

13.) A clip-on skate, adjustable to any shoe size

14.) An extendable trailer

15.) A piano for the bedridden

16.) Glasses you can use to read while lying down

17.) An electric heated jacket from 1932

18.) A turntable linked to a projector

19.) A car with a net for pedestrians

20.) Sight assistance for the blind using sounds

21.) An early version of GPS from 1932

22.) A collapsable footbridge made for emergencies

23.) A rubber boat with boots made for sportsmen

24.) A newspaper that could be faxed from other cities

25.) A mask made to be used during snow storms

27.) A Colt 38 with a camera attached

Where can I buy an aqua-bike? I would use that in a heartbeat. Share these awesome inventions with others, maybe we can get someone to start producing them (just 50 years too late). Source: Reddit

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