Legal Loophole: J Law’s Non-Selfie Nudes Can’t Be Removed Because She Doesn’t Have Copyright

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Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photo leak was a despicable act perpetrated by a sad individual or individuals.

Naturally, JLaw wants to do everything in her power to rid the Web of these stolen photos. However, according to TMZ, she may have some difficulty doing so.

JLaw’s lawyer sent a letter to a porn website that posted the photos, insisting they be removed. But, the site refuses to budge, as they claim Lawrence does not hold the copyright to said pictures.

If the photos are selfies, which some are, then Lawrence would hold the copyright. But, if they were taken by another person, and some clearly were, then that person holds the copyright.

This is similar to Ellen Degeneres’ now-famous Oscar selfie. It was determined that Bradley Cooper technically owns the photo since he was the one who took it.

So, this vile, money-hungry porn site is refusing to remove the non-selfie photos, unless they are presented with Lawrence’s copyright or the copyright of the person who took the pics.

It’s a sh*tty thing to do, but they may have found a legal loophole here. We’ll keep you updated.

H/T: TMZ, Photo Credit: WENN

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