25 Things Cats Do That Will Make You Believe They’re Humans

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If you are a cat person and have lived with cats or should I say you have been a slave to your furry friends for years, you will be able to relate to this post. Living with cats has a huge benefit on our health, they are great stress relievers and they make fantastic companions. Cats are very independent; unlike dogs they can entertain themselves for hours. They are also very bossy. If they are hungry they will make it known to you. If you plan to sleep in, forget it, they will do everything within their power to wake you up. But what is so endearing about living with cats, is that they are fun and a constant source of entertainment. You want proof? Here are photos of 25 things cats do that will make you believe they’re humans.

24. Picks fights

photo credit:Gatto Mimmoviaphotopincc

23. Dances the cha-cha

photo credit:_Xti_viaphotopincc

22. Loves to hug

photo credit:http://on.fb.me/14t0kuv

21. Loves to play hide and seek

photo credit:andedamviaphotopincc

20. Photo bomber

photo credit:David Blackwell.viaphotopincc

19. Plays the guitar

photo credit:pigdumpviaphotopincc

18. Bossy

photo credit:Malingeringviaphotopincc

17. Sleeps with smartphone

photo credit:37primeviaphotopincc

16. Blows kisses

photo credit:Paolo Margariviaphotopincc

15. Acrobats

photo credit:Malingeringviaphotopincc

14. Emo

photo credit:Junnnviaphotopincc

13. Plays dress up

photo credit:Malingeringviaphotopincc

12. Stalker

photo credit:anoni_mooseviaphotopincc

11. Hogs the bed

photo credit:Ella Mullinsviaphotopincc

10. Fights for the remote

photo credit:Daveybotviaphotopincc

9. Reads the news

photo credit:Still Burningviaphotopincc

8. Hates doing laundry

photo credit:wallygromviaphotopincc

6. Fashionista

photo credit:Fantasyfan.viaphotopincc

5. Gives high fives

photo credit:seihoviaphotopincc

4. Sings

photo credit:Paolo Margariviaphotopincc

3. Plays the piano

photo credit:pigdumpviaphotopincc

2. Blows birthday candles

photo credit:http://on.fb.me/19EHJfM

1. Potty trained

photo credit:The Life of Bryanviaphotopincc

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