Man Surprises Fiancée With A Wedding So She Doesn’t Have To Plan One (Video)

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It’s no secret that planning a wedding can be a massive headache, not to mention a serious financial drain.

One bride-to-be, Christina McGinnis, knew this reality all too well. She’d been engaged to her boyfriend, Brian Green, since 2013 but couldn’t bring herself to actually go through with planning the nuptials.

According to Green,

the couple “sat down five or six times [to plan the wedding] and every time… she would freak out.”

The frustration of organizing the ceremony and reception proved too overwhelming for the bride-to-be, even though she really wanted to tie the knot.

So, fiancé Green did the work for her by planning a surprise wedding.

On Dec. 14, McGinnis was asked to model her wedding gown for a supposed “bridal photo shoot” at the Mall of Georgia.

She obliged, but when she arrived, she learned that the shoot was simply a ruse to bring her to her own wedding.

With the help of McGinnis’ friends and family, Green had planned a surprise ceremony for his overwhelmed fiancée — and her reaction when she discovers the truth is amazing.

It may not be the most conventional of nuptials, but it’s absolutely beautiful. It seems more of a celebration of love than a traditional wedding — and I think that’s exactly what a wedding should be.

See the sweet surprise up top!

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