How A College Football Star Ended Up In A Women’s Book Club Will Inspire You (Video)

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Number 26 wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell is unlike any of the other players on the University of Georgia football team.

When Mitchell isn’t making plays on the field for the 13th ranked team in the nation, he’s burying his head in a good book.

Malcolm is an avid reader. He credits finishing the “Hunger Games” series in just two days as the biggest accomplishment of his life, and he’s currently reading “Sister” by Rosamund Lupton.

If you think his reading choices are a bit strange for a college athlete, that’s because he joined a book club filled with middle-aged women in the Athens, Georgia area. The club meets once a month.

CBS Sunday Morning News did a fantastic feature on the 22-year-old when they uncovered the unlikely story of how a student, who admitted he was only reading at a junior high level upon entering college, overcame his demons and taught himself a new level of comprehension.

It wasn’t until he met Kathy Rackley at a local Barnes & Noble that he truly began to develop his skills and mold a new passion. Today, that’s still something that many of his teammates don’t understand.

Mitchell said,

Somebody called me a nerd, that’s not a word that I’m used to hearing.

When asked by CBS’s Steve Hartman if he was OK with being labeled as a nerd, Malcolm paused for a moment, then responded with something that gives us more insight into why he doesn’t mind what other people think of him.

I was proud of it. It’s like a badge of honor to me, knowing where I came from.

Despite all of his accomplishments that have gotten him to this point, he still looks at reading as the most valuable one.

When asked why scoring touchdowns or making plays doesn’t matter as much, he displayed more maturity than you would find in many other young athletes:

That came natural. That’s a gift. I had to work to read.

via CBS Sunday Morning

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