Community Post: The 21 Most Heartbreaking YouTube Comments Of 2012

“I almost feel like you could write a Studs Terkel oral history of America culled entirely from YouTube comments on pop songs,” says Mark Slutsky, creator of SadYouTube.

He scours the comments posted on popular songs that have long since fallen off the charts, looking for little “nuggets of humanity.” They are, as you might not expect from YouTube, devastating. He sent us a few more of his favorites:


i am 11 and this was my dads favorite song….he died 8 days after my birthday this year…so i listen to this song he was the best dad in the world. i will NEVER forget him. he was a good guy when you think about all of the bad people in the world…he was one of the best ones…and there are not many good people in the world. ME, my guinea pig and my dad were best friends… the three of us would just sit there and watch movies….but my dad worked ALOT and i went to work with him sometimes 3>

– marissagwen padullajamison, “Commodores – Sail On”

when I was an eight year old coming home from school one day, I decided to climb a pine tree that day to watch some baby birds up on a nest. I took them home and Mom was angry. She made me take them back. The next day after school and climbed the tree only to see the mother never returned for her babies. Naturally they died. And I cried for weeks. Everytime I heard this song ‘Since I don’t have you’ I would cry. What a beautifull song. Forever it will play in my mind.

– richard cobos, ”The Skyliners – Since I Don’t Have You

Kind of a sad memoy for me. In August of 1977 my best friend of my childhood and teenage years was murdered. We were only 18 and out of high school. I remember this song was playing a lot in those days in Los Angeles. R.I.P.Tomas Marcoz, I still miss you every day my close brother.

– LosAngeleno1959, “ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) – Telephone Line”

First time I heard this song was at a party. One of the older homegirls from the barrio put on the 45 and asked me to dance with her. I was 14 she was 19. That was back in 1979.

– hernandezjimmy1, “Al Green – Tired Of Being Alone (SoulSchool)

Miami ‘79…party every weekend, cruising the block parties in my new car ‘Firecraker’…Carol City, Liberty City, Overtown, The Baja’s, at Virginia key beach for the battle of the DJ’s…Mitzie, my heart..Mary, Karen, ‘Lean,…Marvin, Skip…all My Nigga’s…Good times indeed, alot didn’t make it…~

– outtlett, “Chic – Good Times

Peut-être que ça va vous paraître bizarre, mais j’associe cette chanson avec mon père, qui m’a fait connaître bien des auteurs et des chanteurs, et maintenant a la maladie d’Alhzeimer. Quand j’écoute Leonard, je pense à mon père, qui lui aussi est devenu “un étranger”. Sinon, a great song and a beautiful video, thank you, merci.

[“This might seem strange to you, but I associate this song with my father, who introduced me to writers and singers, and who now has Alzheimer’s. When I listen to Leonard, I think of my father, who has also become ‘a stranger.’ Otherwise, a great song and a beautiful video, thank you, merci.”]

– fadabip, “Leonard Cohen: The Stranger Song”

I was 11, watching my late mother, a classically-trained musician, sing, ‘I Don’t Know How to Love Him’ along with Helen Reddy. As I stood in the living room doorway watching in silent adoration, I believed my mother was singing about a specific man as she poured her heart and soul into this ‘duet’ with Helen. Hearing this song again just now took me back in time and also brought me to tears. Thankfully, YouTube and Helen Reddy make me feel my late mother is still by my side.

– DeborahGilson, “i don’t know how to love him- helen reddy”

Wow. Legendary tune. Watching the dawn rise with yet one more silk cut before sleep. That stunning album artwork, Wembley ‘89, lebanese red seal, JD & coke, A level retakes and poetry to get laid. I hope life worked out for eveyone who loved this song.

– Josiahsbay, “The Cure The Same Deep Water As You”

i rember when i was 10 years old (today im 15), i listened to that song when i was at a kfc, my mom worked there, and she invited me to stay at kfc because she didn’t wanted a baby siter.

– TheOkexperience, “Book Of Love by The Monotones”

I love this song..takes me back to when my best friend, mike was alive. Wed play this song all the time as wed drive to parties and get fucked up. If there was a fight wed have eachothers backs. He thought me how to play bass and guitar, giving me a future as a/musician. I miss u mike. You’ll always be my best friend. And my brother.

-iiLoveGrunge, “The Smashing Pumpkins – 1979”

In 76 Lisa and I had one date, later I found out she had a boyfriend, she just liked me but I loved her, my friends use to tease me when this song came out on the radio, so lisa if your out there, I named my daugther after you, and you are not in love with me , but hope your are doing well.

– screens50, “10 CC – I’m Not In Love”

my biggest regret…
her name was Stacy…
we were 2 volatile 2 B 2-gether, but couldn’t stay apart…
things were said and done on both sides, but I ended it…
the last time I saw her, was at a club. I had been given a slot 2 spin that night. She found me just as this song came up. She offered her hand„, I just stood and ignored her… she put her hands over her mouth, turned and left… I wanted 2… but… couldn’t…
I left the city a week later and never returned…

– kidmix6, “Taylor Dayne – Love Will Lead You Back”


My Grandfather went down on the Fitz. My Mother was 18 years old and was pulled out of her High School class to receive the news. She tearfully sang ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ for her High School graduation, wishing her father was there. She’s a strong woman and I cannot imagine exactly what she endured. She still seeks justice as to the reason for the sinking and the unfit condition of the Fitz

– TheRachelgomez

my uncle tom died on the edmund fitzgerald.I was 4 years old.I still remember the memorial service.He is my hero.I named my son after him,as he didnt have children.He was a great husband to my aunt. she never remarried.

– Ryan finstrom

Long time ago, I was 17 then. This beautiful young woman named Beverly and I, danced this song in a dancing contest finale in San Juan, Puerto Rico-USA. Tropical disco nights of joy and eternal happiness come to my mind. That night we won the 1st Prize and she kissed me. Nobody can take that memory away from me. Carlos

– cgabrielsantiago, “Disco 12” – Voyage – Souvenirs – 1978”


9 months pregnant, waitressing midnights at a diner, I would play this while cleaning the tables look outside and wonder … Life got better but this song still takes me back. Good and Bad Memories. It’s lovely.

– downinthevault, “The Cars – Who’s Gonna Drive You Home”


this song has always been a sore spot in my heart. it came out around the time i left my second wife. (she wasn’t the faithful type and i couldn’t tolerate it.) she came intoo the bar i ran one night and before i even noticed she was there, she played it on the juke box, and walked up to me with tears welling up in her eyes. afterwards, she begged me to come home, but it wasn’t happening. i’ve often thought that had it been me begging, i would feel different. she was wrong. still a good

– onthetubebaby, “Taylor Dayne – Love Will Lead You Back”


This is nothing but pure listening joy. Everytime i hear it….i feel good all over. I remember friends who are now passed on as we would all be dancing, acting silly just having a good time. This music makes those people alive to me again. They will never be forgotten because everytime i play this i see them. I thank GOD i was around back in those days to experience the joy this song and others from this era used to bring into peoples hearts. Thank you for posting this…you spread alot of joy.

– DaOrigTruthSeeker, “Change – The Glow Of Love [HQ]”


I would like to send you a memory.I was 13, walked to the projects across the street Manhattan.This song was played from an apartment on the 8th floor so loudly and clearly.I grabbed a kid and danced the hustle with her for maybe an hour.It felt so great to be alive and feel free to dance in the streets,parks or a cafeteria during lunch.The boom boxes played this on the subway platform,we broke out dancing the hustle waiting for train.The hustle was sexy and graceful.Never got tired.

– gypsydancer64, “Disco 12” – Voyage – Souvenirs – 1978”


I know what love is and she lives 200 miles from me now. With all the years that have passed, the pain is less, but my love is still strong. I pray Kimberly that you get better and they find a cure.
I will say here before the world that I love you so very much. CB

– cbarsonfire, “Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is”


High school. After lunch, some of the girls would dance on the gym floor, before classes. Beth, JoEllen, Nina, to name a few. This song had come out, and they just danced to it. I remember sitting, and waiting for my favorite girl to come out. When she did, my heart beat sped up till I thought I would pass out. She knew I was there.

I heard it at Travis AFB, before going to Nam. I just cried, while waiting to board the plane.

– SuperSpectre1, “Petula Clark – Downtown”


Reminds me of a pearl white 1960 Chevy Impala Convertible with red & white interior. I had this playing on the radio with my future wife cruising A1A in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Hot Summer nights by the ocean. Eating at the Drive Inn. Sweet memories. I lost her last year after 49 wonderful years.

– LD Davis, “Percy Faith – Theme From A Summer Place”

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