Adorable 8-Month-Old Baby Is Already Rocking Out As A Drummer (Video)

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We’ve found the perfect best friend for the rock ‘n’ roll hands baby: drum master baby Wyatt.

In this video, Wyatt is seen destroying a drum set while playing along to metal band Pantera’s “5 Minutes Alone,” and it’s just about the most hardcore thing ever.

To be fair, little Wyatt isn’t really playing the drums — his set is made out of cans and pencils — and his dad (who sits behind him) is the real talent here, moving his tot’s arms so it looks like Wyatt is the killer drummer for Vulgar Display of Cuteness (the baby’s imaginary band).

Regardless, it’s adorable. Plus, the baby seems to enjoy “playing” the drums, so who knows?

In a few years’ time, this little guy could become a veritable rock legend.

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