Young Hockey Fan Gets Amazing Surprise From Flyers After Going Viral (Video)

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The Christmas present Kohlsen Fisher received from his family was a pure insult.

As a rabid Philadelphia Flyers fan, the surprise of opening up a gift-wrapped Pittsburgh Penguins jersey was one worthy of showing disgust.

Fisher did just that, and the video of his reaction went viral.

A moment that made it all worth it came just a week later.

The Flyers took notice, and the team sent Kohlsen a package making the prank Sidney Crosby jersey a complete afterthought.

Claude Giroux, the Flyers’ star captain, invited the Fishers to a game against the Boston Bruins and the package included an autographed jersey and other Flyers memorabilia.

Kohlsen’s reaction this time around was just a bit different.

Check it out in the awesome video above.

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