Groom Drops Bride While Carrying Her Into Their Wedding Reception (Video)

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If you’re a fan of archaic wedding traditions, then you’re likely aware of the concept of “carrying the bride across the threshold,” a symbolic gesture in which the groom carries the bride across the threshold of their new home (that should have been fairly obvious).

Normally, carrying your wife into your house is done well after all of the other festivities, but Chad and Julia — the couple in this video — decided they weren’t going to do what everybody else does.

Instead of walking hand and hand into their reception to an ironically gangster rap song that makes all the old people uncomfortable, the couple decided the best route to take was having the groom sprint into the reception carrying the bride in his arms.

Unfortunately, the couple was apparently unaware of Murphy’s law and, after a few steps, everything that could have gone wrong did.

I don’t know if dropping your bride on your wedding day is a worse omen than rain, but I guess these two will find out eventually.

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