17 Reasons You Should Love Bob Costas

1. He’s a warrior!


When NBC’s Olympic coverage began this Thursday, Costas was battling a noticeable eye infection that rendered him unable to put in his contact lenses. But Bob wasn’t going to let a measly eye infection stop him from delivering the goods. Why? Because champions play hurt.

2. He can do it all.

Mike Powell / Getty


Name a sport and he’s probably announced it. From the NFL to the Kentucky Derby, baseball, basketball, college football, and the Olympics, Costas has done it all.

3. Rappers name-check him.

Ludacris isn’t the only rapper to have done it, either.

4. He has a trading card.

5. He’s quite simply the best interviewer in sports.


When Mark McGwire finally admitted his steroid use, Costas did the interview. When the Jerry Sandusky scandal surfaced, Costas was the one who got the interview.

6. He knows the right questions and he isn’t afraid to ask them.

7. He has no problem speaking his mind.

Name a controversial topic and Bob Costas has an opinion on it. He’ll let you know. He has spoken out about gun control and the Washington Redskins name change. He doesn’t mind stirring up the conversation and never shies away from controversy.

8. He’s not a robot.

Contrary to popular belief.

9. He was in the cult comedy classic Pootie Tang

10. And the irreverent sports classic BASEketball.

11. He makes time for photos with the forgotten members of the Backstreet Boys.

John Simpson / Getty

12. He found out Ichiro’s favorite — and incredibly vulgar — American phrase.

13. He has the easy good looks of a Kennedy.

NBC / Getty

14. He narrated the best college football intro of all time.


Tom Cruze / Sun-Times

If that’s a toupee it’s the greatest damn toupee ever made.

16. He gave beautiful eulogies at both Mickey Mantle and Stan Musial’s funerals.

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Costas is so respected in the sports world, baseball icons like Mickey Mantle and Stan Musial asked to have Costas deliver a eulogy at their funerals. Costas also had a memorable interview with Mickey Mantle, where the Yankee legend admitted his alcoholism to the world.

And most importantly…

17. He climbed this fake moose like a boss.

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