Someone Made A Twenty-Foot Dinosaur Sculpture Out Of Balloons

1. Balloon artist Larry Moss teamed up with a group of volunteers and school children to build a massive acrocanthosaurus.

2. Larry Moss is part of Airigami, a studio of balloon artists based out of Rochester, NY.

3. If you’re not familiar with an acrocanthosaurus, it was a dinosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous period (about 146 million years ago).

4. The 20-foot behemoth was built using a real skeleton of the dinosaur as a guide.

5. It took the group four days to finish.

6. School kids from local kindergarten and first grade classes came by to learn how to twist balloons.

7. For a lot of the kids involved, helping build this massive balloon dinosaur was the first time they had ever twisted a balloon.

8. The acrocanthosaurus is currently residing in the Virginia Museum Of Natural History.

9. You can watch the whole thing get put together in 9 minutes here.

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