Community Post: 7 Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew

1. Bang it Against a Hard Surface

This guy’s accent means he knows what he’s talking about. No shoes? That’s another issue, but any padding like a towel or phone book will do.

2. Use a Knife

If you wish to be regarded as a Certifiable Bad Ass (CBA), use a knife, preferably one pilfered from pirates. Slant the blade once it’s in the cork and twist back and forth, gently pulling upward.

3. Push It Real Good

If you don’t mind a little cork with your Cab: just push the cork into the bottle with your thumb, a marker, or the handle of a screwdriver or something. Piercing a hole through the middle of the cork first will alleviate some pressure and make it go down easier.

4. With Screw and Hammer

Perhaps you are a man with 7,000 tools, and no corkscrew. These standard items are already on your utility belt. Read a tutorial.

5. Hammer and Nails

If a screw is too conventional for you, you can hammer in five nails and then pull them out. Easy.

7. Use a Bicycle Pump

Video available at:

If you’re not the outdoorsy type, a syringe works just as well… if you’re the type with a lot of syringes lying around your house.

And when all else fails…

Happy drinking.

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