6 Reasons HBO Picked The Dolphins For The New Season Of Hard Knocks

1. Better, More Interesting Teams Passed

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Like both the Falcons and the Jets. (Why have you deprived us of watching Rex Ryan and Tim Tebow interact? Why?)

2. Rookie Quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s Wife

As everybody who watched the NFL draft discovered, Ryan Tannehill’s wife is very, very attractive, and HBO is the network of sexposition.

3. Fans Have Already Staged A Protest Of The Team Once This Year

In classic Law and Order “ripped from the headlines” fashion, HBO tries to tap into that #Occupy interest six months after it really mattered. Also different is unlike Occupy’s protestors the Miami fans had a clear objective. (Fire GM Jeff Ireland.)

4. Former Kim Kardashian Flame Reggie Bush Is On The Team

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And HBO felt he had long since deserved equal time. Also if there’s one thing that could take your reality show to the next level, its the potential for a Kardashian to drop by.

5. An Executive At HBO Wanted To Prove That David Garrard Was Still In The NFL

No matter how many news stories he showed his friend, his friend wouldn’t believe him.

6. Because They Wanted To Meet Snowflake

They’ll be disappointed when they get there.

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