Let Ricky Bobby The Dachshund Zoom Into Your Heart

1. This is Ricky Bobby, he’s obviously the coolest pup in town.

2. Things weren’t always so great for him though. He was found along with 58 other long-neglected, sick animals in an alleged puppy mill.

3. Ricky was one of the worst off: his back legs were paralyzed and, as a result of dragging them on a cement floor, suffered from horrible sores, callouses, and muscle atrophy.

4. When his rescuers first picked him up, he was so nervous he shook but he soon began to relax.

5. Ricky Bobby was brought to a veterinary hospital for treatment where he met his future human, a vet technician named Megan.

6. Before she officially adopted him, Megan set to work on a wheeled cart that would help RB get around.

7. Now he looks just plain hunky in his new wheels, definitely ready for a “Talledega” race

8. Nowadays, Ricky Bobby spends his days with Megan at work where he can hang out with his friend, Stella.

9. His other favorite pastime is hanging around and napping with his older brother, Tucker.

10. On days he doesn’t feel like his wheels, he has a cute little snuggy to protect his back legs.

It is EXCELLENT to get his treat jump on.

11. But most days, you can find him zoomin’ around, having so much fun.

12. Mostly, he is just the cutest and we’re so happy he’s found the loving home he deserves!

13. For the whole story, watch this video:

14. You can donate to Ricky Bobby here.

15. Or, you can check out more of the amazing work the Humane Society does here!

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