Community Post: Meet Chris Ayer, Your Newest Musician Crush

Shervin Lainez / / Via

Hia, handsome.

2. This is Chris Ayer. He’s a Brooklyn-based musician with a flair for lyricism in the introspective tradition of James Taylor, Paul Simon, and, more currently, John Mayer.

Courtesy of Chris Ayer /

Maybe that’s because he studied Poetry AND Philosophy at Stanford University. Hubba, hubba.

3. And he just so happens to have the voice of an angel.

Shervin Lainez / / Via

…an angel who looks really, really good in v-necks…

4. He has several albums out on iTunes.

Go check out his song “Relativity” right now. Or “The Revealing” or “Roy G. Biv” or “This is a Test” or “Evaporate.” …No, seriously, go now. I’ll wait here.

5. His newest album, The Noise, came out this past March.

Fun Fact: The album’s cover photo was shot by New York based photographer Shervin Lainez, who also shot the cover for Regina Spektor’s latest album, What We Saw From the Cheap Seats.

6. “The Infinite Abyss of Space,” one of The Noise’s most popular songs, was actually a last minute addition to the album.

Here he is playing it for the first time in public at Manhattan’s The Bitter End in the summer of 2012.

7. Now the single is being featured in Land Rover’s new promotional campaign for their line of cars featuring the Meridian sound system.

Yeah, yeah, cars are cool. Show me more Chris Ayer.

8. Since we’re on a YouTube binge here, let’s talk about Chris’s channel, where he uploads live, one-take videos of his original songs.

This one features Chris’s best friend IRL, singer-songwriter Matt Simons. Matt’s song “With You” became a bonafide billboard hit in the Netherlands this year.

9. He’s been known to throw a few gorgeous covers into the mix, too.

Dibs, y’all.

10. Though Chris isn’t widely known yet, he already has fan bases all over the world, from Brazil to the United Kingdom to Italy.

And, boy, are they devoted.

11. Fans have uploaded countless photos to Facebook and Instagram that show Chris taking the time after his shows to give some love back.

Only slightly, terribly jealous.

12. Speaking of Instagram, let’s take a moment to talk about Chris’s personal account…

…because it’s awesome.

13. When he isn’t posting fantastic photos chronicling his tours across the states and abroad…

14. …or photos of himself palling around with his musician buds…

The bro love is clearly strong.

15. …or photos of himself being a completely lovable goofball…

Oh, good lord, he’s doing velociraptor claws!

16. …he’ll post the occasional, flawless selfie.

Now that’s some high-quality scruff.

17. And thank goodness for that.

If that were actually an earring, he’d totally be pulling it off.


Hey, body.

19. Because maybe you haven’t noticed yet…

Shervin Lainez / / Via

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez
Sexy-in-a-Tie Credit: Chris Ayer

20. …but this guy is really good-looking.

Courtesy of Chris Ayer /

(Does anybody else see the resemblance to Michael Fassbender here?)

21. Like, really, really good-looking.

Shervin Lainez / / Via

Jeez, louise, the man can turn it out.


Shervin Lainez / / Via

Radness lift-off.

23. Ok, maybe that was hyperbolical. But he’s really, very handsome.

Shervin Lainez / / Via

Don’t play coy with me, Ayer.

24. And to get back to the discussion of his musical talent, the man can write one hell of a breakup song.

(But I find it highly doubtful that this man’s ever been dumped.)

25. After all, that’s what this whole post is about: Chris Ayer is a fantastically talented musician.

Shervin Lainez / / Via

But did I mention that he’s really good-looking?

26. And this year, he got signed to Sony Europe!

Here he is holding his contract. Such sexy, sexy derping.

27. So this past spring, he and Matt Simons toured Europe and got to play to crowds like this:

Holy cow!

28. What this all means is that hopefully we’ll all be seeing a lot more of Chris Ayer.

Courtesy of Chris Ayer /

He’s left-handed, too!

29. And that would be a very, very good thing.

Creative Commons / Flickr: manicphotographydani

My one-day husband, folks.

30. Oh, hey, he’s even got a Facebook fan page!

The better to stalk you with, my dear.

31. So go and check him out already!

Pronto, y’all.

32. In the meantime — keep climbing, Chris. Keep climbing.

Miley Cyrus reference. Topical.

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