The Best Long Snapping Trick Shot Video You’ll Ever See

1. Meet Zach Smith.

This Taylor Lautner look-alike is the No. 2 long snapper in the country and a USC commit. If that’s not impressive enough (it’s not), he made a trick-shot video to showcase his long-snapping skills, and it’s actually quite impressive.

Here are some of the highlights:

3. Bottle on the fire hydrant:

Nailed it.

4. The William Tell:

Slight tippy toes action going on, but still solid.

5. Over the staircase:

Nothin’ but trash can.

6. Balcony shot:

Okay, that was legit.

7. Full-court shot:

Straight cash, homie.

8. Through the car windows:

And a bonus nut shot!

9. Check out the full video here:

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