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The Modern Woman's Guide to Strength Training - Girls Gone StrongClick Image To Visit SiteThe problem with most fitness programs is despite their best intentions, you seem to work harder and harder for less and less.

It’s why we’ve created a step-by-step system for reaching all of these goals, specifically for women like us.

Rather than slapping together yet another program you’ll have to organize your life around, we’ve gone ahead and created a program that’ll fit into your life.

After years of building up a community of strong, empowered women, and guiding them in their training while constantly getting their feedback, we’ve been able to perfect a formula to help women look and feel their absolute best in the LEAST amount of time…

A visual overview of the movements you will be doing during your training shot in beautiful, high quality HD.

With 90 minutes of high-quality HD video, we show you all of the exercises, give you the exact tips and cues to make sure you’re performing them correctly.

Three different 16 weeks training programs perfect for any ability level, and perfect for any woman who wants to get stronger, leaner, healthier, and feel like a million bucks!

Tracking progress is absolutely critical to your long-term success. Simple and easy-to-use, you’ll be able to keep track of exactly what you’re doing every workout so you can see your progress over time.

This Getting Started Guide is an absolute lifesaver as it helps you know exactly where to start, and walks you through the entire program step-by-step.

This guide brings a little sanity to the cardio and conditioning discussion. It gives descriptions and examples of the differences between high intensity interval training (HIIT) and moderate intensity cardio (MIC) and tells you what’s best for you.

This super shake guide shows you how you can make a quick, tasty, and healthful shake in just minutes. The shakes are broken down into two categories, snacks (~250 calories) and meal replacements (~450 calories).

This Core Training Guide breaks down exactly how you should be training your core, and the types of movements that should be included in your program.

We’re sure you’ve heard it before, but you can’t out-exercise a bad-diet. That’s just a recipe for a disaster.

Dr. Cass (as we like to call her) is a brilliant, pragmatic nutrition expert and not one of those self-proclaimed “experts” either… she happens to be a registered dietitian (RD), certified sports nutritionist (CISSN), and holds a PhD in exercise science and nutrition. And if that weren’t enough to make you say dang…

Molly Galbraith is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, former figure competitor, co-owner of a gym, and a dabbler in powerlifting.

For the last four years she has trained clients in a private, semi-private, and group setting at the brick-and-mortar gym she co-founded, as well as training her online clients. She has worked her way up to a 275… Read more…

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