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Personal FreedomClick Image To Visit Site…your roadmap to a lifestyle of exotic foreign locations, financial freedom, sizzling romance, or just sitting around doing nothing at all — YOU DECIDE!

I travel where and when I want. I work for myself. I hang out with people I’d always imagined meeting. And I live in a place I chose, not someplace I just ended up.

I came from a town of 4,500 people. My dad worked in a factory as a plumber and steamfitter. I had bad grades in high school, and got kicked out more times than I can count. I went to a mediocre university, worked for minimum wage (and less), and was down to the last $15 in my wallet on more than one occasion.

But today I’ve got a very successful business and a hot wife. I travel to the world’s most exotic places and write about my experiences in glossy magazines that are read by thousands of people. I spend every day doing the things I love, with people I respect, to create products and art I believe in.

You really don’t have to, you know. YOU can be free, and you can create the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

You’re financially independent — meaning you no longer have to depend on anyone else to make ends meet — so you can choose to work when you want, with whoever you want.

You’re free from restriction. Free from doing things just to please someone else, or to avoid an argument, or to escape guilt.

Your life has become an adventure, filled with amazing new experiences, exciting new friends, the love of your life, and the items from your “bucket list”…

YOU decided what makes you happy. And you followed that path — unapologetically, right to the max.

I spent twenty years meticulously testing my ideas in the arena of my life. And you’re right, it wasn’t easy. In fact, it felt pretty hopeless a lot of the time — especially at 3am.

I went down so many false paths and dead ends — sometimes for years. And I suffered through an incredible amount of trial and error.

It took me nearly 20 years to achieve my dream. But that won’t be the case for you. At least, not if you take the short cuts I discovered.

The tools I discovered will work for someone who wants to live a jet set lifestyle like me, or for someone whose goal is to stay in one place and raise a big family — the strategies work across the board.

I read a lot of "self help" stuff during the first decade of my quest. I devoured just about everything in print. And I found a lot of wishy washy crap.

Many books had a piece of the puzzle. They gave me a good idea, but the system as a whole was what worked for that author. Adopting it could only lead me where HE was going. And that wasn’t my… Read more…

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