Community Post: The Kinkajou May Possibly Be The Cutest Animal Of All Time

1. Kinkajous are rainforest mammals native to Central and South America.

2. Welcome to your new obsession.

3. They exist mainly on fruit, which they scoop out with their incredibly long tongues.

5. Seriously, they have really long tongues.

6. And appear to be super spastic.

7. They clearly love their teddy bears.

Swapping stories about fruit, probs.

8. They’re definitely not camera-shy.

9. They’re so adorable, even Zac Efron wants to hang out with them.

10. They’re possibly even cuter when wet.

11. Here’s a kinkajou playing with a dalmatian puppy. You’re welcome.

12. They’re super serious about their fruit.

14. If this doesn’t turn you to mush, you have no soul.

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