Community Post: The 14 Worst Things About Getting Fast Food

It’s early, or mid-day, or late and you’re hungry—but you have a specific craving.

You wan’t some delicious FAST FOOD. Unfortunately though, a lot can go wrong when you get fast food. Things like…

1. A huge line in the drive thru. Great, it’s not like you had anything to do today!

2. An even bigger line on the inside.

4. Finding this in your food.

Turns out it was a kidney.

5. The taco licker and his ilk defiling your food.

6. The employee forgetting to give you your sauce.

7. But it can get worse: Having the employee forget your sauce when you had to pay for it!

8. Your order gets messed up.

“We ordered 3,000 french fries and you only gave us 2,500…”

9. Eating salad that’s been stood in.

10. Kids (either yours or someone else’s) freaking out about how they didn’t get the specific toy they wanted.

11. Wanting to eat inside but it turns out the place is a mess.

12. Those nerve-racking few seconds where you’re carrying the drinks with one hand, opening the door with the other, and praying to the fast food gods that you don’t drop the drinks.

14. The inevitable, painful trip to the bathroom after eating fast food.

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