Community Post: The 11 Most Ridiculous Things To Spend Money On

1. The Water Jet Pack – $10,000

Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen using one. Hopefully it was a more successful water-related venture than Titanic…

2. James Bond’s Submarine Car- $2.5 million

Actually used in The Spy Who Loved Me

3. Metal Octopus Table- $100,000

Because why not?

4. Shark Submarine- $100,000

Be the most badass fish in the ocean.

5. The Hidden Patio Pool- $65,000

When your backyard just isn’t big enough for a full-time pool.

6. Game of Thrones Iron Throne- $30,000

Because we all want to be the King of Douchebags sometimes.

7. Turntable Ring- $20,000

This 18k gold ring with black and yellow diamonds will be sure to get you noticed by the ladies.

8. Gold Toilet Paper- $1.3 million

Apparently inspired by solid gold toilets in Dubai, this toilet paper roll comes with a free bottle of champagne. Though if you’re spending $1.3 mill on toilet paper, I don’t think you’d be too worried about the cost of your champagne.

9. Human Bowling Ball- $5,500

The game where you are the ball.

10. Personalised Whac-A-Mole Game- $35,000

Replace the standard mole heads with caricatures of your family and loved ones. Folds up to look like an innocent bookshelf, and has a mini bar atop the game.

11. Floating Playground- $65,000

That’ll look great on the private lake I have in my backyard.

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