Palmistry Extraordinaire – Extraordinary Hands by Jackie Chin

Palmistry Extraordinaire - Extraordinary Hands by Jackie ChinClick Image To Visit SiteA simple yet powerful tool that takes you travelling around the world: not a laptop or a map, but a human hand!

Breaking away from traditional way of working, Malaysian Palmist, Jackie Chin, found herself sailing past exotic shores reading palms of thousands of people on a cruise ship.

“It is amazing to observe this very ancient art of hand reading is ever popular and still captivates a fascinating allure in the minds of so many people from all over the world. People wanted to know so much about themselves as much as I wanted to know so much about their hands.”

Taking human complexities and challenges to a new level of insight and understanding through the lens of the human hand, Jackie has successfully allowed us to see how palmistry can be translated in an innovative and creative style in the light of contemporary time.

Not only did she stumble upon extraordinary stories told by ordinary people, Jackie’s catalogue of reading experiences and 70 most-up-to-date handprints, arouse awe, astonishment and intrigue from beginning to end.

“Extraordinary Hands is not about a celebrity icon, industry titan, Olympic gold medalist, history-maker or billionaire. It is about the hands of ordinary people who have never made a name for themselves, never won any trophy or been awarded an honour. Yet in their unique ways, they miraculously and resiliently endured the most testing circumstances.”

This book is not only for those who wish to have a better understanding of themselves, but also for anyone who delights in the study of the human hand that transcends the line of prediction into the deepest realm of life’s mysteries, and indeed it will leave you gasping for a check on your own hands too.

Andrew Fitzherbert is the author of Hand Psychology and The Palmist’s Companion, and co-author of Palmistry: Your Careers in Your Hand. Andrew is a book critic and had reviewed nearing 600 palmistry books.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed reading Jackie Chin’s “EXTRAORDINARY HANDS”. This book is a collection of stories from Jackie’s experiences as a palmist. It is aimed at 3 types of readers:

The handprints are well illustrated and she certainly has some rare collections of unusual prints behind the book which deserved further investigation. Even though this is a very simple book, it has a bit of a “more serious stuff” in it.

I read every palmistry book, but I do not think I have enjoyed one as much as I enjoyed this one. It is fun to read! It is pleasant, entertaining and a readable book. Few books achieve all this. And because I am interested in the whole field of palmists and palmistry books, I know there is none as good as this one for entertainment. Jackie has done this light book very well. I would personally put this book under my favourite palmistry book collection.’

Jackie Chin is an international palmist, author and speaker. She worked in the cruise… Read more…

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