Cates’ Favorite Buzz Of 2012

25. 20 Spectacularly Nerdy Science Jokes

Because, really, who doesn’t love a good science joke?

24. Celebrities That Look Like Mattresses

Clearly the best celebrity post of the year, I snorted coffee through my nose when I read it.

23. The Baby Bunny Song


21. A Love Story In 22 Pictures

You’ll need tissues if you’re going to look at this post documenting the love between Taylor and Danielle Morris.

20. Heath Ledger’s Joker Sounds Exactly Like A Young Tom Waits

Mind = blown. Also I just really love Tom Waits.

19. The 25 Best “That Guy” Actors

You know, that guy who was in that one movie and then also had a guest appearance on that show on FX. Yeah, that one. (This particular actor is James Rebhorn.)

18. 55 PB&J Recipes

I want to make almost all of these recipes because they look amazing.

17. The Jewel Caterpillar

I find it hard to believe this creature is real, but it totally is.

16. Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?

I don’t know why I enjoyed this post as much as I did, but hey, you don’t need a reason to be amused.

15. Rockabilly “Doctor Who”

I mean, what’s not to like?

14. This Awesome Note About Bullying

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

13. That time Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, and Benedict Cumberbatch went to Hooters together

So this happened and I am SO SAD I WASN’T THERE.

12. The Fox Who Got Marshmallows For His Birthday

Midnighttwice is a totally awesome BuzzFeed user who basically owns a menagerie. She has dogs and cats and a super derpy camel and she’s also the woman who owns Yeah Lamb. So I pretty much love her. That is all.

11. The Drunk Baby Meme

Okay, technically this is a macro not a meme, but still. It’s hilarious.

10. Tits And Ass

I love a good animal joke. The caption for this image reads “Always maintain a firm grip when holding a tit.” The entire post is an ode to great tits and an pretty sweet ass.

9. Everything Petran Has Posted

So we have lots of users from abroad, and Petran is one of our active Russian users. He posts demotivational posters, and every time I see them I get absurdly amused.

8. The Coolest Post On BuzzFeed

I would totally chill with this post.

7. The Hawkeye Initiative

The Hawkeye Initiative started on Tumblr as a criticism of the way women are drawn in comic books. It’s a really great blog that you should follow. Seriously, go follow it.

6. Animal Sculptures Made From Wood Chips

I want to own all of these.

5. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About “Saved By The Bell”

Did you know that Mr. Belding is probably a Vietnam Vet? Neither did I! This post enlightened me on that and 9 other facts about the show I grew up with.

4. Why Turtles Are Better Than Cats

BuzzFeed has a pretty strong pro-cat bias, in case you hadn’t noticed. However, I prefer dogs and birds and turtles because they’re way better and because cats are jerks.

3. The Grumpy Cat Compendium

So I’m pretty vocally anti-cat (trust me, the entire BuzzFeed office knows this), but Grumpy Cat frowned her way into my heart this year. This list sums up all the reasons why I love her.

2. 17 Pinterest Fails

As a person who fails at all things craft, I totally empathize with these people. Good job, good effort.

1. This Is Title

Hands down, my favorite BuzzFeed post this year was This Is Title. When I came across it during the course of my day, I laughed and sent it to a few of my coworkers. Since they all laughed, we decided to promote the post to the front page as a joke. And you guys, you awesome wonderful users, totally ran with it. I have never, in my year and a half at BuzzFeed, seen such a fantastic response from our users.

Here’s a sampling of the Facebook comments, which are spot-on.

Our commenters had a field day!

At one point it turned into a Spiderman thread, which was awesome.

Eventually we just started handing out badges, all willy-nilly.

Anyways, This Is Title reminded me why I love the BuzzFeed community so much. You guys share interesting, funny, cute, informative things on our website and I really, really love you all. Thank you for a wonderful 2012!

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