Old Me New Me

Old Me New MeClick Image To Visit SiteMany children and teens diagnosed as ADHD can be helped by this program even though they are on medication.  Those experiencing anxiety and stress will be helped by the Old Me New Me program.

Children are often struggling with hidden stress from unspoken trauma  unbeknownst to those around them.  The ACEs study can help identify those traumas. Children may feel totally overwhelmed and most have no idea how to handle their frustrations, fears and feelings. They simply don’t know how to talk about or express their feelings appropriately in order to get help or their needs met.

The ACEs study conducted by Dr. Vincent Felitti, based on interviews with over 17,000 individuals found that the long term effects of childhood trauma has a major effect on adult health and saw a direction connection between adult health and the trauma and family dysfunction suffered as children. This evidence-based study shows the importance of healing these early traumas and childhood problems early in the life of a child.  But how is that best accomplished?

Children are generally not taught how to handle stress or unhappy feelings.  Children’s inability to handle stress and frustrations are often the cause or major reason children have behavioral problems and ultimately find themselves in more serious trouble as they get older such as juvenile delinquency, early pregnancies, stealing, lying and other serious behavioral problems.

In recent years, it has been discovered through the latest brain research that talk therapy does little to help children and teens overcome these behavioral and emotional problems and so parents and teachers end up frustrated.  Talk therapy is not effective for stress and trauma based on the latest brain research. Changes take place in the deeper part of the brain according to trauma focused care.  Old Me New Me is often used in these programs. Children need stories, metaphors, visualizations, relaxation and encouragement to become the New Me. Techniques such as relaxation, guided visualization, positive self talk and music  have proven highly effective for decreasing the effects of trauma. These methods help create the needed change in both the brain and children’s perception of themselves while building resiliency. See published research studies.

These techniques build resiliency and teach children how to relax while listening to stories in their imagination that teach important skills to deal with difficult life situations that they encounter on a daily basis.

This program helps children from ages 5-16 as well as even many adults that may be ADHD or have difficulty handling the stress in their lives. These important skills can last a lifetime. An art therapy program for use by professionals is also available and can be purchased for use in schools and therapeutic settings. Art therapy can enhance the changes that will take place for these children.

For Older Teens and Adults Adults love the guided relaxation programs in Old Me New Me too, as well as those designed specifically for them and older teens. The Adult Relaxation Collection… Read more…

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