Community Post: 15 Questions “White Christmas” Left Unanswered

1. Why do Bob and Phil think “freckle-face Haynes the dog-face boy” wouldn’t have beautiful sisters?

Clearly, looks run in the family.

2. Is this the only number Betty and Judy perform in their floor show?

Come on, ladies, this can’t be your only song.

3. What kind of food is the sheriff eating here?

Whatever it is, it seems delicious.

4. How did Betty and Judy burn a hole in the rug in their apartment?

I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind it, which brings us to the next question…

5. Are Betty and Judy wanted fugitives?

Technically they’re still on the run from the law because they left when they were wanted for arrest. And shouldn’t Bob and Phil also be targets because they helped the girls escape?

6. Where are Susan’s parents?

She obviously lives with her grandpa, but under what circumstances? Did her parents die? do they dump her at the inn every Christmas while they go somewhere tropical?

7. How much is wow?

It’s somewhere between “ouch” and “boing”, but that tells us nothing.

8. Is the midnight snack stash included in the guest package?

9. Does Phil get jealous every time this guy dances with Judy?

Maybe Phil is trying to assert himself in this pointless number.

10. Where’s Phil’s cocker spaniel?

And what’s the dog’s name? I want to meet it.

11. Is General Waverly a perv?


He sure likes to walk in on/watch people kissing.


“Aren’t you going to kiss the bride?” DON’T PRETEND WE DON’T KNOW YOUR LITTLE GAME, SIR.

12. Do these two end up together?

I hope whatever happened between them was mutual.

13. What’s the shiny silver thing on Betty’s butt?

Even her back-up dancers can’t figure it out.

14. How do they manage to get all these veterans and their families and friends into the inn without General Waverly noticing?

Also, it’s kind of silly that Waverly didn’t suspect anything when Emma sent everything except his army uniform to the cleaners.

15. Wouldn’t everyone in the room be freezing to death at this point?

Go ahead; just leave the door wide open and let everyone catch pneumonia.

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