Skin Color Expert: Critically Acclaim 7-Times Award Winning Book, Skin Whitening, Skin Lightening

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Skin Color Expert: Critically Acclaim 7-Times Award Winning Book, Skin Whitening, Skin LighteningClick Image To Visit SiteWhat is the # 1 determining factor of your skin color, tone, and health?

Most people think that skin color is controlled by genetics: What color skin did their parent’s have? Many also think that exposure to the sun has the greatest impact on skin color, tone, and health. These misconceptions have led to emotional trauma, damaging treatments like bleaching, and a multi-billion-dollar cosmetics industry rife with snake oil and synthetic cover ups. Even so-called "natural" skin whitening products only deal with the symptoms of bad skin, and certainly can’t claim to lighten skin.

How the third most abundant mineral in your body helps determine skin color and health

It turns out that diet, removal of toxins, and lifestyle are the keys to lighter skin and a clear, healthy complexion. Nutritional scientist Thienna Ho, Ph. D., has spent her entire professional career researching human skin and has revolutionized skin care practices for both women and men. Her natural, safe, and inexpensive skin care secrets will leave you radiant and healthy from the inside out.

Genetic, cultural, and historic influences on your skin color, type, and overall health

Easy ways to incorporate diet and lifestyle changes that lead to vital, glowing skin

“This book is epic. It’s a great guide to get you quickly on your way to a nice, even skin tone. Even if you don’t want to lighten your skin, this book is a great help for anyone with skin discolorations, or dark spots in problem areas. A highly recommended read.” – R. Darby, USA.

“I have read your book and loved it. It was one of the best health books I have ever read! You truly are a genius and I want to thank you for writing such a wonderful book. Your method really was a miracle because as the months passed by, my underarms became completely clear. My waxing lady also noticed a difference in my complexion. She even asked me what body cream or scrub Im using!” – M. Ikram, USA.

“I am an aesthetician and a detox therapist. I originally bought the ebook when it first came out and started to apply these principals with one of my clients who is an older gentleman that had black spots covering his face. He was sure he was dying. He is also a practicing lawyer and since applying some of these principals, his life has changed with his skin. The black spots have faded to a brown and he now has more hope. Thank you so much.” – Kelly Nunez. North Richland Hills, TX.

“I wanted to let you guys know that I am seeing some fascinating results with my skin tone. I am truly amazed.” Tanya, P., USA

“Thank you Dr. Thienna for doing such great work for humanity! You changed my life. I eat healthier and not to mention my clear glowing skin!!!! Everyone is asking me what I am using!” – Julie B… Read more…

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