Revealed at last… The UGLY Truth About The Law of Attraction!

Revealed at last... The UGLY Truth About The Law of Attraction!Click Image To Visit SiteBUT If you have ever been disappointed by your efforts to better yourself in life, then this might JUST be the most important report you will EVER read

If the power of thought really is infinite, if the power of thought really is creative, if you are a conscious being that employs this infinite creative power of thought EVERY moment of your day, then why have you NOT achieved ALL of those things that you wanted?

My name is Dale and if you give me a few short moments of your time today, I will let you in on a little secret that has changed my life for the better and it WILL change yours too.

If like me you have tried and failed to achieve bigger things with your life; youve gone for your goals and dreams with passion and enthusiasm, just to be knocked down and trodden on by the heard of mediocrity that pervades our modern societies, then I have something of VITAL importance to reveal to you today!

Your conscious mind does NOT manifest ANYTHING! You are NOT consciously in control of your destiny!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your reality is created from the underlying programs that run without your knowledge from BELOW the surface of your conscious awareness we are ALL at the beck and call of this mysterious power, it controls and directs us, it creates our universe and hands us ONLY those things that are in harmony with its vibrations!

BUT the good news is that you CAN (with practice) begin to shape this amazing powerhouse of creative thought.

The sub-conscious programs that run your life have been put there over time (by you), bit by bit, a little at a time, years and years of practice have made them VERY strong indeed!

Like pathways in a field that have been trodden SO many times that grass no longer grows there, your mind has been shaped by consistent habits repeated over and over and over and over again!

Yet we have NOT been told that the old pathway that is so well trodden into the field of our mind will remain, and it will remain, and it will remain…

And the new pathway will take time to be worn in. Walk it once in awhile and nothing really changes. But the more consistently you walk over the new path, the easier it becomes to do yet the old path is still there, beckoning you Walk this way, the path is already clear its far easier!

That old path will eventually grow over again, but not before you have been sorely tempted back onto it.

The problem with the power of will is that it is in the less powerful conscious part of the mind which is so VERY limited.

You can only really give your attention to a very small selection of ideas at any one time. In fact, to really concentrate, you need to be fully focused upon just the one, single idea!

The reason… Read more…

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