Work and Travel wherever with “Soft Skills Hard Results”

Work and Travel wherever with "Soft Skills Hard Results"Click Image To Visit SiteWhat would you say if I tell you that by 2030 countries such as US, Germany, Russia, Brazil and South Korea will compete to have expatriates working there?

But it’s not all! 2030 will be just the turning point of an epochal shift we have analyzed till 2100.

We collected more than 1400 surveys and interviews from expats and professional recruiters from 87 countries worldwide.

We could refer all the answers of surveys and interviews to one single question: how do I succeed abroad?

Non-technical skills cross analysis by soft skills, job position, age, time spent abroad, location at the moment of the job application, education level and languages spoken proving strong correlation between the just listed elements and happiness abroad, job satisfaction and creativity growth.

Recruiter and Expats survey comparison to correct misconceptions and understanding what companies are looking for.

159 expatriates worldwide completed a full interview about: recommendations per each country, pros & cons of being an expat, personal reasons to leave their home country and much more..

Complex data analysis made extremely simple and easy to read by advanced infographics designed by a professional designer.

Would you like to know my secrete strategy with which I got multiple interviews at Google, Riot Games, Footlocker and I got hired at Gameloft?

Exactly. If you are not satisfied of what you paid for it’s absolutely right you get your money back.  Read more…

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