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I loved him! But did I really know him? I had been dating my soul mate, Steve, for over two years, and it never ceased to surprise and amaze me every time I learned something new about him. Human beings sure are deep and mysterious creatures, aren’t they? I’ve come to realize that you can never know another person 100%, no matter how close you are.

Yes, I felt comfortable with him, but there was a lot more about him I wanted to know. And honestly, I had some nagging doubts. But Steve is just not the type of man to sit down and bare his soul in a heart-to-heart discussion with a woman. I think he’d rather have a root canal than have a "serious talk" with me. And I suspect most men are the same way. Not a fault really, just a fact. Right, girls?

And so was born the seed of an idea for a "relationship compatibility test". I would present Steve with a written list of questions! But how to do that in a fun and painless manner? How to "draw him out" without turning him off?

You’ve seen the TV ads for e-harmony, haven’t you? You know, you answer a big questionnaire and they match you up with a potential dating partner, based on "29 dimensions". Bingo! Compatibility assured! Well, I took the e-harmony questionnaire, just to see if I could use it on Steve to "dig a little deeper". It was pretty disappointing, actually. It was a little flowery ("I see humor in everyday life"), and I felt it was wide open for manipulation of answers. Too obvious and easy to make yourself look good; to give answers you KNOW are favorable to your cause.

So back to the drawing board I went; I kept on with my research, reading many different relationship compatibility tests and questionnaires. Although a few questions were right on, none asked the important questions I really wanted answered. Ones that would help me to know this guy a lot better.

So I built my own relationship compatibility test, from the ground up! It took me awhile, but the result was perfect. It touches on all sorts of crucial hot spots and basic life philosophies, as well as practical day-to-day issues. I honed it down, pruned out the stuff that didn’t really matter, made it short enough to not be excruciating, and added a large dose of fun and humor…

Our most excellent relationship compatibility test, Dig A Little Deeper! These are the sections covered in this couples’ workbook:

Relationship Compatibility Test… Wow! Sounds pretty heavy! But it’s really not… It does go… Read more…

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