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Shop - Pure ActivityClick Image To Visit SiteThis was a book I wrote while I was running a gym back in the 90s. It was inspired by Dr. John Douillard’s work in the field of exercise and Ayurveda. I also included advice on weight training and diet, based on my experiences as a personal trainer and the abbreviated training routines made popular by Stuart McRobert in his Hardgainer magazine, which I used to write for. I have recently updated it considerably to include paleo theories and certain advice I wish I’d had that might have kept me from getting ill. With this book and our links page, you will have all you need to get healthy and conditioned and stay there easily. Read more and download it here…

Available Now! Video download containing over an hour and a half of cutting edge Hanna Somatics routines demonstrated by osteopath, naturopath and Hanna Somatics educator, Brian Ingle N.D.

I wrote this novel back in about 2001 after a long trip to India, which inspired a lot of it. I put it on the backburner and it didn’t get published until more than ten years later! Read more and see reviews here…

I’m a drummer too, and this was my last original project, which disbanded in 2010 soon after I got ill. This is a link to YouTube where the video shows a very fat, out of condition Phil (yes, the big guy with the dreadlocks is me!). You can see why I had a disaster brewing! Anyway, the music was interesting… HERE is a live compilation video from our final gig on the band’s YouTube channel… More videos on that channel, and our CD, Changing Planes is still available for just £5 plus P&P, so email me if you’d like to buy one.

After a couple of years when I thought I’d never pick up a drumstick again, a far thinner and fitter version of me than the one in e-god is now having a ton of fun backing some amazing guitar virtuosity in the Wayne Carrick Band. If you live in the northwest of England, come and check us out at a gig and say hello! Details here…

I’m really honoured also to be a member of the Linda Campbell Band. Linda is a wonderful singer songwriter and I’m loving the chance of playing her tunes in the company of some tremendous musicians. Visit her Facebook page HERE.

Arthritis – The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me! (How to heal autoimmune conditions and how to let them heal you!).

Working on this book is my main focus at the moment. I am aiming for it to be a comprehensive guide to all the areas you have to look at to heal yourself from these complicated problems, for which there is never just one solution.

I will be documenting the full story of my own healing from the terror of the initial diagnosis to all the dead… Read more…

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