Band Prefers Beer Bottles To Real Instruments

1. The Bottle Boys, or Flaskedrengene as they are known in their native Denmark, don’t use conventional instruments.

The band (pictured from left to right) is comprised of Christopher Bogar, Philipp Brodersen, John Ettrup, Kaspar Frederiksen, and Martin Handberg.

2. They prefer beer bottles.

3. In 2008 they competed on a Danish talent television show.

And went on to become a viral sensation in Europe.

4. They cover pop songs in adorable fashion.

5. And make adorable youtube videos.

6. They rock out on bottles all year round…

7. …and attract some great crowds.

8. Look at them pulling off amazing selfies with ease.

9. In their free time they flash mob grocery stores.

Video available at:

10. Can you imagine the amount of beer they drink? For the instruments of course.

They must be fun guys.

11. They are pretty much the cutest thing Denmark has ever produced.

12. And again…those faces.

Thank you Denmark. Go check them out.

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