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Small Business AccelerationClick Image To Visit SiteDiscover How to Tap the Power of Social Media, Video, and Email to Unleash a Flood of New Customers to Your Business!

Are you a small business owner, a mompreneur, graduate or retiree who’s not realized the success and opportunities you desire for your small business? You’re good at what you do, yet having a few more key clients is all you need to move you into your financial comfort zone.

The marketing of your business has taken a back seat. It’s not because you don’t value the importance of marketing, it’s probably because you lack the knowledge of what to do, when to do it and more importantly, how to market your business.

Hello! I am Pamela Wigglesworth an International corporate trainer and speaker, that works with businesses across multiple industries to enhance their branding and marketing communication to get big results on a small budget.

I am the author of Small Business Acceleration and the 2011-2012 Vice President for the Asia Professional Speakers – Singapore. I am a frequent speaker at business events and have several articles published in the Straits Times and Singapore Marketer magazine.

It’s truly the best time to be an entrepreneur. I absolutely love being an entrepreneur. In fact, some people might refer to me as a serial entrepreneur because I’ve set up four businesses over the span of 21 years. Yet not all of my businesses have ended in a success story. I’ve even lost money… big time. More than I care to mention, but I will. Let’s just say it was easily close to US$60K. Ouch! It’s a little less painful to think about it now, but I do think about it because it is what drives me today. Back in 1998 I had a successful women’s boutique that focused on catering to the western-size female figure. Translation: a full figure gal with hips and a generous bust. In Asia, that’s just about any woman from the western world. Around that time I moved my business from a small second story shop house into your typical shopping mall. Simultaneously, when I made my move, Asia was experiencing the first Asian financial crisis. By mid-2000 an economic slowdown was upon us and people were not shopping as much. Come February 2001, the mall had become a ghost town and we knew the business was not going to survive. Despite my wishful thinking that I could easily get out of the lease, my requests fell on deaf ears. The landlords could have cared less that we were not making any money. Eventually they knocked off two weeks worth of rent but we were required to pay the remaining balance on the lease. That amounted to about US40,000; equal to seven months rent. In hindsight I realized that I lacked sufficient knowledge in marketing to sustain the business. Had I known a fraction of what I know today, chances… Read more…

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