Man Calls On Men To ‘Be That Guy’ Who Ends Violence Against Women (Video)

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In the past, we’ve reported on the horrific prevalence of sexual crimes and violence against women.

Feminist discourse has been infiltrating mainstream media, and more than ever before, women have a voice. Regardless, we are not equal. Not yet.

In an effort to take a stand against sexual violence, actor and poet Carlos Andrés Gómez wrote a poem called “When,” which illuminates the lack of progress we’ve made as a society in terms of women’s rights.

In the poem, he speaks of true events — such as rape and harassment — to showcase the inequality women face. In response, Gómez calls for fellow men to join him in trying to make a difference.

After the poem is recited in full, text appears on the screen.

It reads,

Make violence against women unacceptable. #BeThatGuy.

Gómez’s poem and slogan were created in collaboration with Breakthrough, an organization working to promote women’s rights and end sexual violence.

Visit Breakthrough’s website to learn more, and be sure to share the video on social media to support Gómez’s mission.

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