The 10 Smartest Ads Of May

1. Proof that you don’t need fancy images to make great advertising. See more of Swiss Life’s smart ads at the link below.

Here’s four of their previous great ads (scroll down).

2. Via Venezuela, smart new ads for Getty Images. Link to the other ads in the campaign below.

Here’s the other two ads in the campaign.

3. Via South Africa, funny TV spot for a 2-for-1 sale at

4. Speaking of sale ads, here’s a fun new commercial via Thailand.

5. Inspring idea for World Parkinson’s Day.

6. Ridiculously simple but very effective ad for The Guardian.

7. Funny commercial via the UK for Specsavers. The retailer has a history of producing hilarious ads.

8. Via France. Hey, money’s tight these days.

9. Ad for Sta-Soft. Link to the other two ads in the campain below.

Here’s the rest of the campaign.

10. The greatest, most bizarre ad ever for a leaf blower.


…and, here’s the 5 Dumbest Ads of May.

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