Fx FTM EA by Den Murakami

Fx FTM EA by Den MurakamiClick Image To Visit SiteThis fact underlies our unique development over which we worked last 4 months. The truth is simple – when the price fluctuates within the sideway price hall (flat), one should sell at the top and buy at the bottom. When there’s a trend on the market, orders shall be opened only in the trend direction. Flat & Trend Market algorithm in one case. This is most powerful union that we ever see!

Perhaps, Your major question that has to be answered is "How can the FTM determine what type of trading shall be used right now?", am I right? Various indicators of flats, trend strength, etc. exist. But we do not use them because the indicators cannot response to the market situation as quick as possible and can be used only for trading. Our unique approach is based on "feedback" technology. It helps to enable one or another EA type in time. The FTM checks the account history and based on the trade result (profit/loss, order date) determines the appropriate strategy at the present moment.

It is the primary basis of our new robot but only a part of its functions. A more detailed description is provided in section "Technical aspect of the product". It took a lot of our time to develop this fantastic idea.

We regularly updated it and modernized. As a result we got a system that runs automatically and securely earns Pips by Pips. Just imagine what possibilities are offered by this robot. Wealth of information is processed in a matter of seconds. The incredible potential is packed in a small file! And everything is for You!

It is commonly known that EURUSD is distinguished by high volatility that is a recipe for success in trading both manual and automatic. In addition, to hedge robot risks we picked a twin pair almost the same in nature. That is how we selected the second pair for the robot – USDCAD. Here is few words about each pair, that Forex FTM Robot trades:

USDCAD: one of the most popular Forex pairings in the world. It is well suited to everyone from the novice trader to the experienced investor. Due low spreads and good fluctuations – it’s really good choice for our Expert Advisor. Timeframe Н1 complies with the requirements of our robot to the maximum. If we increase the timeframe, we will increase the number of orders but the quality will decline. That’s why we chose the happy medium and it is confirmed by figure 74% Win trades! Here is some one month statistics data from our honorable member, who helps us to create this Expert Advisor and even make it more stable!

*** NOTE: as you know, monthly return is highly depends on your deposit/lot size. In that case, I’d pay attention to such data as Pips, Win/Loss ratio, peak drawdown, profit factor. It’s easy to explain: let’s say that you have a small deposit like 100$ and 0.1 lot size. First of all, it’s big… Read more…

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