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Fiverr MarketingClick Image To Visit SiteIt’s a sneaky little site that lures you in with the promise of hungry buyers, all waving five dollar bills at you in exchange for simple tasks.

The problem is… while you scramble to find the perfect gigs, promote them, and work hard to deliver them,

 “Wow, you’re right!  Why WOULD anyone want to sell on Fiverr?  Sounds like only an idiot would go on there.”

You see, a few months before I found out this “Fiverr marketing method”, I  was a struggling freelancer.

You know the story – had to pay bills, figured making money online would be my path to salvation! (bet that sounds familiar!)

So when I read an article on yahoo about this strange ‘gig site’ that let you set up jobs and strangers paid you money for it, I had to go check it out.

I toyed around with it for a couple months on and off.  I had sold a couple writing gigs, tried my hand at design, a little bit of everything.

But then, when I was finishing up a gig one day and getting ready to deliver it to my client, a neat idea popped into my mind…

And within a few hours of delivering my ‘specially tweaked’ gig, that client sent $500 straight to my paypal account.

Within 4 days, out of the 10 remaining orders, 2 more people sent me $500, 3 wanted to talk about working on projects with me and one asked me to write him up a monthly consulting contract.

Now I bet you’re curious what I did or said to them to get me to send over money- and you probably think I’m going to drag this out and make you wonder what I did to land those clients…

Nope- I’m going to tell you RIGHT NOW what I did to get all those $5 Fiverr buyers to send me that extra money and beg to work with me.

The REAL money in Fiverr comes from turning those $5 customers into rabid $100, $200, $500 (and even in one case for me, $4000!) customers!

Here’s the beauty, to make this method work, you don’t NEED a specific skill or series of steps to make it work – you don’t have to be a writer or even know anything about SEO.

All you need is the ability to manage jobs and a passion for making LOTS of money  “All you need to do is know HOW to leverage Fiverr – and you have a sea of endless buyers at your disposal – and  you’ll be earning much  more than $4 per sale

In fact, I set up and tried the method several times, with different gigs in different niches – and each time I was able to convert gigs into $200+ deals.

An actual marketing methodology that will let you take ANY niche, ANY gig, and ANY scenario – and turn your gig account into a highly profitable money-making machine!

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