Ultimate Actor Jumpstarter Plan

Ultimate Actor Jumpstarter PlanClick Image To Visit SiteGetting your first credits can be the hardest hurdle to jump to become a working actor. This all-in-one, step-by-step program give you all of the not-so-obvious, necessary but overlooked and ground-breaking steps of how to become an actress or actor.

Use them starting today to fast-track getting your first jobs and representation. Get the skills to go from amateur ‘aspiring’ actor to working professional in only 90 days.

From the Best-Selling author of the Successful Actors Guide to Los Angeles, and professional Business Coach for Actors in Hollywood, comes the new ALL-IN-ONE PROGRAM to get you working as a professional actor!

ULTIMATE ACTOR JUMPSTART PLAN contains everything you need to learn about creating a new acting career and business from scratch, from the day-one basics right through to booking your first jobs! The craft of acting is TOTALLY different from the day-to-day business of getting credits and jobs, and paying the bills. Ultimate Actor Jumpstart Plan is a fully digital, online product complete with worksheets, timelines and audio for anyone who wants to put together a working acting career from the ground up. Get immediate access to the system and strategic plan to get your first credits and better representation! You even get timelines and worksheets to stay on task and remove all the guesswork.

An acting business absolutely needs to join passion with purpose to become both profitable and long-term. You get unique, cutting-edge business systems so you never sit around waiting for the phone to ring.

Getting your first agent or manager can be a daunting task for many new actors. The Jumpstart Plan gives you techniques to put together and lead your best team.

Networking and marketing become exciting and fun with our easy formula for meeting people on your own terms. You’ll always have something important to talk about, and get people wanting to talk to you.

It takes most actors years! (no joke – sometimes decades!) to learn all you have included here. The Jumpstart Plan makes sure you always know what your next step is so that you never have to guess what to do next.

“I was able to get an agent, launch a film festival, and make great forays into the business side of entertainment. ” – Sean, Actor/Writer

"Like moving from a ‘throw spaghetti against the wall’ approach to a more targeted, insightful and fun way to attack my career!" – MV, Actor

“Whether you want to be a famous TV actor or an Oscar winning movie star, these are the tools that will get you there. Before you become stuck in Hollywood or NYC, let me tell you a not-so-little secret: Working every day for years with actors, I’ve discovered that even if they’re already professionally trained to act, most actors take years – literally – to figure out on their own all the info you get here all in one place, at an incredible price. JUST… Read more…

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