Self Love Secrets – How to Love Yourself Unconditionally Book

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Self Love Secrets - How to Love Yourself Unconditionally BookClick Image To Visit SiteChances are that you have been saying more negative than positive things to yourself. Studies have in fact confirmed that we do 300-400 evaluations per day and the majority of it is negative. If your self-talk is unkind, causes you to feel down and erodes you of your spirit, then you can be said to be having some challenges with feeling good about yourself.

On the contrary, should you love yourself absolutely, you will not be doing any of these. Instead, you will be supportive, compassionate and not be constantly criticizing yourself. Hence, it is important that you start to observe what you have been saying to yourself. Then again, loving your encompasses more than just changing your self-talk.

Obviously, self-love rests on a continuum. Most of us do have some degree of self-love and acceptance. However, at low or insufficient levels, we can face tremendous difficulties with coping with life. It is possible that we allow our self-talk to overwhelm us to the point that we are unable to function well. Signs of self-sabotaging behavior include procrastination, depression and addictive behavior such as drinking or an eating disorder. Self-sabotage patterns can affect us for years if we do not do anything about them.

You are Not Alone I completely understand what it feels like to be facing difficulties with self-love. You see, when I first began realizing what my core issue was – being insufficient self-love – I had no idea where to start. Self-love may appear to be a fundamental thing that everyone should know but for those who have been living with debilitating stories for a long time, it is really not so simple.

I am currently having problems in my relationship with my boyfriend. He says most of our problems are from my lack of love for myself. He has recently told me that he dose not believe that we are going to ever work out.

There is nothing more in this world that I want then for this relationship to work. I do understand where he is coming from. The problem is that I do count on him for my happiness. I already know that this is unhealthy and I have seen counselors probably not long enough to do much good. I am planning on going and giving it another try, but I am already guessing that it would not help much. It feels like there is just one more person in my life that is telling me how messed I am.

I am also wondering why I can want a great relationship with my boyfriend and at the same time, be the one to cause problems. I just cannot stop being negative and creating havoc.

On the side, I do not know what to do without him. I have no accomplishments that I am proud of. For a long time, I have not been able to smile. I am in so much pain that I… Read more…

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