Community Post: 19 Ways Steve Urkel Inspired You As A Kid

1. Urkel proved you could have style without following trends.

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And, of course, you can find this entire outfit at American Apparel now.

2. He didn’t need anyone’s approval to be himself.

3. Hell, Urkel was cool enough to hang with Uncle Jesse.

4. His inventions made you want to embrace your creative side.

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He created a robot of himself. What kid didn’t want that?!

5. He was OK with not having all the answers.

6. Urkel didn’t need to be suave to succeed.


Which made you not feel as bad about those times you ran into sliding glass doors.

7. He was all about self-expression.

8. He was a hopeless romantic.

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It’s totally fine if you used those exact lines on your childhood crush.

9. Urkel was persistent.

The Winslow family didn’t like him at first, but that didn’t stop him from slowly winning over their affections.

10. He experienced the awes of puberty with you.


You weren’t the only one shocked to see your friends grow out of those training bras.

11. Urkel stood up to bullies.


All while wearing a shower cap and towel and wielding a soap-on-a-rope.

12. He taught you that you didn’t need a six-pack to be a superhero.

13. But if he had to choose a hero, at least it was Bruce Lee.

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A proper hero.

14. Urkel demonstrated that you could be whoever you wanted to be.

15. But he also proved that being yourself was always best.

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Sure, Laura dated Urquelle for a bit, but the original old Urkel got the girl in the end.

16. He coined the only phrase you knew to use when your parents yelled your full name.

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17. Urkel was ridiculously selfless.

18. He didn’t let not being athletic hold him back from victory.

It’s all about the heart, kid.

19. Urkel knew that when you have fun, others will follow.


Remember when Steve was an outcast at the dance but didn’t let it get him down? Classic Urkel positivity.

He genuinely wanted to make everyone happy. Urkel: what a freakin’ guy.

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