Community Post: 6 Reasons Why “Rescue Gifts” Are The Perfect Holiday Present For Everyone On Your List

6. Your socially conscious friends will love you for it.

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Let them know you care about what’s happening in the world, too, by giving them a Rescue Gift from the International Rescue Committee that can send a young Afghan girl to school for a year, ($56), giving her a chance at a better, more fulfilled life.

5. For once you’d like your Christmas gifts to last longer than your New Year’s resolutions.

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Do away with the box of chocolates and flowers this year and buy a gift with long-lasting impact. For only $18, a Rescue Gift of mosquito nets can help stop the spread of malaria, a deadly disease that kills a child every 60 seconds.

4. Thanks to your recurring Black Friday nightmares, you break out in hives at the mere thought of venturing outside again to do your shopping.

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Think about a gift from our online catalog that can give Syrian refugee children comfort and a sense of security in the midst of upheaval – like their own teddy bear to hold tight. You don’t even need to leave your couch to do it.

3. Your celeb-obsessed friends have been religiously watching Homeland since the series began and are still heartbroken over the cancellation of Firefly.

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Give them a Rescue Gift handpicked by star Morena Baccarin herself, gifts like a Safe Delivery ($24), which can help make childbirth safer — and happier — for a refugee mother and her baby.

2. You’re tired of triple-checking labels to make sure everything is eco-friendly for the dedicated environmentalists in your life.

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When you purchase a Rescue Gift, you have the option to save a tree and send a personalized e-card describing the gift and how it will impact the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

1. You just received a gift from a friend you completely forgot to get a present for. (Yikes!)

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Lucky for you, Rescue Gifts are perfect for last-minute shoppers who don’t want to fight the crowds at the mall. Find the perfect Rescue Gift and send beautiful e-cards to forgotten friends, in-laws, or generous neighbors, right up to the very last moment – even on Christmas Day itself.

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