Model In A Bikini Takes Selfies With Strangers To Raise Money For Homeless Vet (Video)

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A model wearing a bikini and sky-high wedges helped a homeless veteran raise money for a meal.

The experiment began with YouTuber Dennis Roady, who tries to help out the less fortunate in ways that are thought-provoking and unexpected.

In the wake of the viral “selfies with the homeless” trend, Roady came up with a plan. He hired a model to hold a sign that reads,

Selfies 4 The Homeless

For every picture taken with the model, the photo-taker must give a donation to the homeless man at her feet. Her beauty brings attention to his suffering.

While the stunt surely didn’t have a lasting effect on the vet’s life, the video is a look at the values that matter most to our society. Roady has to use both sex and social media self-promotion to make passersby look down at the man suffering on the street.

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