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The Buddha ExperienceClick Image To Visit SiteWhere was that feeling you think of as ‘enlightenment’ when you last had an argument or suffered through intense emotional agony or going through long term physical sickness?

How do you find wisdom which reduces the need to deny, distract, or collapse into yourself? where do you find that wisdom which actually does rescue you when you need help?

Caught up in daily stresses, ‘enlightenment’ seems like a fruit hanging too far above- you have not tasted it, and the effort to attain something you don’t even really know, seems way too much.

But, like we said, it is actually always there and waking up to that comes as a result, as a realization, a remembrance and does not stand alone as a goal. You cannot prepare for it like you prepare for an exam to pass or to fail. If you think in these terms it is reasonable to ask why should you?

But, to get on the right track, you need to ask yourself, What’s really important in the passage through this life- what will be the quality of my remaining years?

What path would you choose to make your life a blissful experience for yourself and a valuable contribution to the world?

Buddhist Meditation Practice does not need an introduction- with a history which goes back further than 2500 years and stands formidably even today with more than 300 million believers across the globe, you might already know about it or have heard of it.

But do you wonder why it has remained for so long and why it is becoming a way of life attracting more and more intelligent, scientifically minded, spiritually hungry people?

The reason is, in times of rapidly emerging health dangers, mental fragility and emotional instability, and world and ecological events that seem so threatening, many may seek or feel forced to look for solutions in pills and other quick-fixes. But, the path to truly transform your mind, emotions, and thus your world stands stark and strong as the only real, authentic way to support your life today.

Awakening to the truth about your very life- why you’re facing a conflict with someone you love so much, why you lost something you worked so hard to get, why some kind of suffering finds some way or the other to creep into your life, what is the way to get out of this repetitive feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration- when you get the answers to these questions, is when you’re enlightened…

You’re ‘Enlightened’ when you can solve your problems; you’re ‘Enlightened’ when you can get out of tough spots in life, live a meaningful and happy life and can help others do the same- It is then, when you are an ‘Enlightened Being’.

On your path to realizing the Buddha in you- you embody unlimited potential, an unlimited mind, live in a state of joy and demonstrate the 6 Perfections of an Enlightened being.

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