Finally, A Dunk That Embarrasses A Defender’s Future Grandchildren

The latest entry in the completely unexpected “holy shit can you believe that just happened?” sports-moment genre comes from Christian Terrell, a relatively unknown rising senior at Providence High School in Jacksonville, FL.

During what appears to be a summer league game the 6-foot-2-inch shooting guard receives an outlet pass on a fast break….

…and then does something most summer-league high-school basketball players cannot do. He takes off from outside the left block, cocks the ball back and throws down a silly one-handed tomahawk slam that literally kills his defender.

This spectator’s reaction is appropriate.

One of YouTube’s most important functions is to act as a platform for embarrassing moments to live on for eternity. Getting viciously dunked on is embarrassing enough when 20 people see it in a random high school gym, but when millions can watch it on YouTube — repeatedly — it’s the kind of thing your family won’t live down for generations. Sometimes that’s what you get for hustling back on D, because life isn’t fair.

10. Check out the whole video:

h/t Greg Howard at Deadspin

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