Hero Cop Saves Baby By Performing CPR And Driving To Hospital At The Same Time (Video)

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Police Sgt. Patrick Hildenbrand, 35, is a local hero after saving the life of a dying toddler by administering CPR and driving the boy to the hospital at the same time.

Hildenbrand was on patrol in Red Hook, NY, when he spotted a speeding vehicle and switched on his siren. The car pulled over and its door flew open.

A panicked Matt Morgan, 19, ran toward the officer’s SUV, carrying his young son’s limp body. He told the officer that 22-month-old Matthew was not breathing.

Hastily, the officer ordered both father and son into the back of his police SUV and sped off for the hospital. Hildenbrand explained to Morgan how to administer CPR, but the father was so shaken that he wasn’t making a difference.

So, Hildenbrand reached into the backseat and began rhythmically compressing the little boy’s chest with two fingers while driving to the hospital.

In a moment described by the officer as “emotional,” the boy began crying.

At the hospital, medical staff inserted an artificial airway. Matthew is scheduled for further tests to help doctors understand what happened, but his mother told local press that he seems to have had a seizure.

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